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Whether you are a veteran looking for inspiration or simply want to learn to knit, The Naked Sheep is the place for you.
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Featured Product: Mirasol Yarns
New for this fall, we have Mirasol Yarns. The Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection, which includes yarn made from the animals tended by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands.
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Featured Product: Go Knit Pouches

These pouches are great for taking your projects on the go! They come in three sizes, and have a loop to attach to you purse, or belt. We like to wear them around the store and on the subway for portable knitting everywhere. The bags are strong, have a drawstring top, and come in lots of great colours.   more >>

Post Frame Farm Storage Facilities for All Kinds of Different Purposes

There are many different ways to build a farm storage building today. Therefore, those people who need one of these buildings may need to do their research well in advance before getting started. From building a large storage building that houses lots of farm equipment and tools to constructing a small structure for a few select items that people need to have immediate access to, there is so much that people can make their decisions from. The time that it takes to build a farm storage building can also vary from one homeowner to another so the price paid can make a significant difference in what the owner will need. Two of the most popular in which people can make their choices from is the post frame farm storage buildings or they may choose to build it from ground up on their grounds. Even though both choices may be good decisions, one of the most innovative is using the post frame option.

Post frame farm storage buildings are available in different designs, sizes, colors and much much more. Therefore, when people are doing their research, they may want a structure that is aesthetically pleasing to their own taste, long lasting, and made of the highest quality materials. It is also important to note that the price that the owner pays must be enough affordable to be a good solid investment for them. With this in mind, the owner may choose a custom design that looks just like they envision. Or, if the owner chooses to do so, they may elect to ask for a design that is standard version with the color that they really like. Either way, there is a load of information online that relates to both commercial and residential structures.

Post Frame Storage Building can be used for All types of Occasions

These post frame buildings can be used for a number of different reasons. Therefore, some owners may choose this type of structure for their garage, storage shed or workshop. The purpose or reasons usually vary from one owner to another based on their specific purposes. However, what ever the reason or purpose for these kinds of structures, people can save time, money and effort in selecting the post frame options.

Homeowners are tasked with many different decisions when they need a new storage building on their property. This is is because homeowners have a lot of more options available to them. One of the more notable is the post frame storage options.
What's New?

1. Mirasol Yarns: New for this fall, we have Mirasol Yarns. The Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Collection.
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2. Filatura Di Crosa - Superior: This yarn is as light as a cloud, and just as soft! more >>
3. Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo: The newest addition is an 80% bamboo 20% wool DK weight yarn. more >>

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