Thank You

My dream of the Naked Sheep would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for major help from a lot of people! I would like to thank all of my friends and family who have helped me along the way and who continue to help.

I would like to give a very special thanks to Andrew, the love of my life, for all the emotional support and late nights of painting, drilling and hammering. Thank you to both Adam and Raahool for their legal advice. Thanks to Tao for her great design ideas and her hard work on my store drawings, yay pink circles! Thank you to Emily, Heather, Julie, Oma, Little Chris and Jacquie for their mad knitting to get the samples ready for the store. For her help in many things, including finding the perfect store location, I thank Ingrid. Thanks so much to all the people who helped to paint and build shelves and fix stuff, including Jo, Jacquie, Emry, Ruth, Helmut, Barb, Luc, Roland, Jim, Frank, Byron, and Anil. Thank you to Paul for the awesome name! Thanks to Vince for the unbelievable logos. I’d like to thank Brian for the gorgeous shelves. Thanks to Uncle Tex for his advice. Thanks to Jason at Mouth Media for his fabulous website design and overall branding ideas. Thank you to my friends Deborah and Inga at Passionknit for their support and encouragement. Thank you to Amy Signer for all her great suggestions. Finally, to Jules for her love, fabulous sense of style, great ideas and countless hours of labour and emotional support.

Lorena's Story

It started with an urge to learn something new.  My job required that I travel every week so I wanted something that I could do in my hotel room but also take with me everywhere.

Both my grandmas (actually, one Grandma and one Oma) and several of my friends were already knitters.  One Sunday, as my friend Jules and I sat watching TLC, we decided that it was time for me to learn how to knit.  We both had a sudden sense of urgency.  I remembered that there was a knitting store just seconds from my house that had the most beautiful and funky scarf in the window.  Eager to buy my first ball of yarn and needles, we rushed over, only to realize that the store was closed on Sundays.  Our hopes were renewed when I remembered a craft store that was only one subway stop away.

Unfortunately, the craft store didn’t stock any yarn that I found inspirational, but the ball I bought served its purpose.  I knit the heck out of that ball of yarn.  In my first day, Jules taught me how to knit and even change colours.

Later that week, I went back to the yarn store down the street (they were open this time), bought three balls of Rowan Biggy Print in “Splash” and I made my first scarf on 20 mm needles.  It only took me a few hours.  It left me with a sense of accomplishment and renewed inspiration that only comes from working with such a delectable fiber.

One scarf turned into an addiction.  Soon I was making sweaters, hats, ponchos, shawls…. I couldn’t stop knitting.  I knit on the subway, in line at the bank and in the lunchroom at work.  I even smuggled my knitting projects aboard flights.

So how did the store come about?  I started to think about how great it would be to share my love of knitting with other people every day.  I wanted to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where knitters can buy the finest yarns, drop in and be inspired, learn a new technique or just browse.

I drafted my business plan the next day and began the planning process.  I’ve had such a great time designing the store and seeking out the best yarns and tools of the trade.  It’s now time to share my dream with you.  I look forward to seeing you soon and hope that The Naked Sheep will help you create your own dream projects!

Lorena Ladan
September 2004
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