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It started with an urge to learn something new. My job required that I travel every week so I wanted something that I could do in my hotel room but also take with me everywhere. 
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Yarn Pick
Be Sweet Magic Ball - This is just one of the wonderful products from Be Sweet. Each Magic Ball is full of surprises as it changes from mohair to ribbon to bling to fluff to mohair bobbles. No two Magic Balls are alike so you know that yours will be special. The colours are eye candy with names such as Shifting Sands, Oceans, Wheatlands and Shakespeare.
When not at her day job, Kate’s a designer, writer and knitting teacher. She lives in Toronto with her husband, dog and cat. Read her musings on socks here and here and on mittens here!

Yarn Pick
A. L. Sauveterre Chunky Weight CashmereIt's cashmere, the colourways are positively delicious, and it knits up quickly. Need I say any more? An absolute pleasure to work with, I can't recommend it highly enough.
Abby is never happier than when she’s creating something beautiful with yarn. A knitting lifer, she’s grateful that her husband cheerfully accepts the piles of semi-finished projects lying about their home, and thankful for her cat’s miraculous lack of interest in yarn. Abby’s knitting patterns can be found at The Naked Sheep.

Yarn Pick
Rowan Kidsilk Haze - I love this yarn, and not just for the sentimental reason that I knit my wedding shawl with it. It’s a stunning mohair and silk blend, ultra fine but suitable for a wide range of needle sizes. So beautiful, it creates a delicate cobweb effect, finished with a cloud of mohair haze. Although the price often induces sticker-shock, keep in mind that Kidsilk Haze has twice the amount of yarn per ball than most others, and that one or two balls is often enough for a project. One cautionary note – pay attention as you knit with this stuff, as the high mohair content can make it difficult to rip out oopsies.
Hi, my name is Charlie. I work at the Naked Sheep in the Beaches. My official duties are greeting customers and keeping husbands occupied while their wives shop for knitting stuff. Fringe benefits of the job are belly rubs and the licking bare toes.

Yarn Pick
As you can see, I’m currently knitting myself a blanket out of Mamma Mia. I love this yarn because it’s super soft so it’s really nice to roll in. You get to use huge needles so it knits up really fast. Plus it only takes four skeins to make a throw!
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